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About us

Our company was established in 2006 as a medium for sharing ideas and novelties in the field of self-development, healthy lifestyle, ecology and new life approaches. Our mission is to venture beyond the usual and known, and possibly expand one’s perception of the world as it is. We strive to create opportunities for people to be able to see new depths, not only with their eyes, but feel them through their hearts; to see the apparently hidden dimensions and subtleties of things or events.

We create and orchestrate projects and events that are highly inspirational. We organize seminars, lectures, exhibitions, festivals and cultural events. Although the themes of our events have a wide range, they all share the very same core idea: presentations made by local and international speakers, who have an important message to pass on (writers, scientists, healers, directors or dancers…)

We offer the following services:

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Our associate for graphic and printing services is company Occto… s.r.o. (www.occto.cz).

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Our team

Ctirad HemelíkCtirad Hemelík

Ctirad is the idea maker of our team. He constantly creates and develops new projects that add more texture and volume to the horizon of our activities.

‘My work is a rich source of my happiness, as I find (my work) deeply satisfying both on professional and personal level. I have been studying topics that support creativity, thought inspiration and personal development for a long time. I want to search for new visions and new interesting projects that can provide a solution to healing of our society. We are thankful to all of our supporters that give us the opportunity to organize such projects.’ www.ctiradhemelik.cz

Jan ZemanJan Zeman

Jan is one of the cocreators of Felicius. He is in charge of marketing strategies, planning and analysis.

‘I welcome any challenge: strategic planning and development of new transcending ideas. I aspire to see new projects from different perspectives, always being considerate of the high value aspect for our clientele.’

Michal Hájek

Michal Hájek

Michal is one of the cocreators of Felicius. He is in charge of financial planning. He sensibly overlooks account balances regarding our projects.

‘I enjoy working with people, who do meaningful things and they also have an open heart. I enjoy being at birth of new projects, to give them a direction and support for their successful realization. Overseeing such projects grow and take off, fills me with happiness.’

Alžběta SyrovátkováAlžběta Syrovátková

Alžběta is an experienced fair manager. She looks after the exhibition part of Festival Evolution. Thank to her strong work ethics, the festival is not only a pleasant experience for the visitors, but also it has become the place where the exhibitors network.

‘The festival is a thrill hard to resist for everyone. I am pleased to see that our work brings benefit, and that people are happy and appreciate our efforts.’

Sandra DangováSandra Dangová

Sandra is in charge of production of all of our events from the very first idea to the final realization. Thank to her and the realization team, every event is a source of great joy for the participants and for us as well.

‘I enjoy producing various events that bring people not only new information and new experiences, but also an inspiration to look at the world around us in a new way.’

Gabriela KolářováGabriela Kolářová

Gabriela is in charge of the festival program and company communications. She looks after the smooth running of NGO Felicius.

‘I enjoy working with people, that aspire to create and pass on the wisdom of what they learned. Together we strive for our projects to be creative, inspirational and being of benefit. We create space for interaction, synergy and hopefully space for our own personal evolution.’

Jan HruškaJan Hruška

Jan is a project coordinator. He is responsible for completion of projects in a timely manner. Jan was at birth of project ProRegions, and he is now a part of its successful expansion.

‘I am proud to be a part of ProRegions. The project has a big future potential. Our intent is a long term stabilization in each of the regions, their self-efficacy and their decentralization within the realms of current legislation. Personal and professional education, being one of the main pillars of ProRegions, is no doubt the biggest gift we receive on our journey through life.’