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film_250The Meaning and Mystery of Life – this docudrama is based on statements by leading mystics, scientists, writers and shamans who are involved in many spiritual disciplines and who are also trying to find the answer to the question of questions – what is the meaning of life? Their answers are interwoven with the acted narrative, containing many situations they themselves have lived through and that many in the audience will also have experienced.

What is important and substantial for our personal lives? What is the meaning of life, what determines our quality of life and how do the choices we make in our lives affect us and our loved ones? What role does love, humour, envy and death play in our lives? The new film The Meaning and Mystery of Life seeks the answers to these and many other questions. This perspective on the world from a different, for many mysterious, angle can be an interesting path to refresh and open your mind.

The untraditional format, never used before in Czech cinematography, is a visual mosaic combining fiction with real and personal experiences. The respondents’ statements are inserted directly into the story; they are part of the scenes of the acted part of the film. A large number of special effects, trick shots and backdrop techniques will be used when filming.



Jan Budař Jan Budař Max
Barbora Seidlová Barbora Seidlová Eva
Andrea Kerestešová Andrea Kerestešová Viky
Josef Polášek Josef Polášek Robert


Raymond Moody Raymond Moody
Paramhans svámí Maheshwarananda Paramhans svámí Maheshwarananda
David Vaughan Icke David Vaughan Icke
Eric Pearl Eric Pearl
Konstantin Korotkov Konstantin Korotkov
Alicia Hamm Alicia Hamm
Mabel Katz Mabel Katz
Brandon Bays Brandon Bays
Dan Millman Dan Millman

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