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Prague Gateways


19. 3. -1. 4. 2007

New Town hall in Prague, Municipal House, Městská knihovna hl. města Prahy, Cinema Světozor, Theatre “Pod Palmovkou”, Theatre “Strašnické divadlo”, Galerie Le Court, St. John the Baptist Church, Spanish synagogue, etc.
number of visitors: 7000

30. 3.  – 29. 4. 2008

Theatre “U Hasičů”, Cinema Světozor, New Town hall in Prague, Vyšehrad, Charles Bridge, Galerie Le Court, Church Na Prádle, Buddhist Centre LOTOS, KD Krakov, Karlštejn Castle, Galerie Regenerace, Masarykova kolej, Sokol Pražský, Na Mariánce, Studio Felicius, DDM Slezská, Galerie Cesty za světlem
number of visitors: 7000

9. 3. – 31. 3. 2009

Cinema Světozor, New Town hall in Prague, Cinema Aero, Theatre Millenium, Music Theatre Karlín, Karlínské Spektrum, Prague Exhibition Grounds, Stromovka Praha, St. Salvator Church
number of visitors: 8000

1. 1. – 28. 9. 2010

New Town hall in Prague, Top Hotel Praha, Prague Exhibition Grounds
number of visitors: 8000

1. 1.- 10. 12. 2011

Metropolitan Theatre Prague, Club Lávka, Hotel Troja, Prague Exhibition Grounds, Theatre ABC
number of visitors: 8000

1. 1. – 31. 7. 2012

Theatre ABC, Prague Exhibition Grounds, Prague National Library, Hlavní sál Lucerny, Senohraby, Bratislava
number of visitors: 7000

Festival Prague Gateways is the most important activity of Felicius. The Festival´s first year took place in March 2007 and immediately and significantly enriched the Prague cultural scene, especially thanks to its multicultural orientation and the overlap across different professions. Within the Festival, events with dissimilar topics take place, however they have one common: performers are both Czech and foreign personalities who has something to say and give to us: writers, scientists, historians, healers, yogis, directors or dancers… The main target of our multicultural Festival Prague Gateways is to continue in Prague´s rich tradition – Prague as the place where various fields of human activities meet in one point creating the space where spectators could regularly meet with major personalities from the Czech republic as well as from abroad who succeeded to use spiritual dimensions in their fields of activities and, who can share their experience with us. We want to bring the view to various fields of culture and art in a completely new form to the people; we want to make projects connecting experiences transferred for about centuries with results of exact sciences understandable for people and; contribute for improvement of interpersonal relationships and personal life in general. These projects have different forms of presentations like for instance concerts, dancing, theatrical and film performances, exhibition or lectures, workshops, discussion forums, lectured seminars etc. Just thanks to wide scope of activities, we are creating an interesting overlap that connects many people from different groups of inhabitants.