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Major League Thinking – seminar

Involved personalities:  Jan Mühlfeit

Jan Mühlfeit, Marian Jelínek, Adela Banášová: Major League Thinking
22. 10. 2016
Holiday Inn Bratislava
number of visitors: 400

Jan Mühlfeit, Marian Jelínek, Marie Diamond, David Svoboda, Klára Issová: Major League Thinking
4. 6. 2016
Grandior Hotel Prague
number of visitors: 350

Speakers who have gained recognition in various fields present the audience with their view of business, communication and the current world. We all can express our potential. In order to be successful in any field, we must find out what our strength are, what our passion is, what we long for, and where there is opportunity in the market. If you want to be successful in your life, you must develop your strengths -  discover them, learn more about them, and expand on them.

The seminar is intended for successful visionaries, innovators, entrepreneurs and businesspeople. Any dream can bear a hidden potential. You can always do with new insights or advice. Each of us faces new challenges, seeks new ways, or wishes to shift to a higher level.

The expression “Major league” reminds us of sports. And indeed, all of these areas  can inspire and enrich one other. We can only get where our mind lets us go. If you think Major league, you are likely to get there.  You may drop down a bit but you will come back as your mind will not accept anything worse. However, if you keep doubting and thinking low, you are not likely to make it to the Major league. Good luck, courage and success require careful preparation.

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