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Dan Millman – lectures

Involved personalities:  Dan Millman

DAN MILLMAN: Universal Laws of Business and Life
16. 9. 2013
Prague Business Club
number of visitors: 65

DAN MILLMAN: Peaceful Heart, Warrior Spirit
15. 9. 2013
Kino Lucerna Praha
number of visitors: 500

DAN MILLMAN: Four Purposes of Life
11. 10. 2011
Metropolitní divadlo Praha
number of visitors: 600

book signing
DAN MILLMAN: Peaceful Warrior
29. 9. 2008
Dům knihy Kanzelsberger, Praha
number of visitors: 150

DAN MILLMAN: Spiritual Laws That Change Lives
27. 9. 2008
Slovanský dům, Praha
number of visitors: 300

28. 9. 2008
Hoffmanův dvůr, Praha
number of visitors: 150

DAN MILLMAN: The Life of Business and the Business of Life
29. 9. 2008
Hotel Villa Voyta, Praha
number of visitors: 150

Dan Millman – the former World Champion in sports gymnastics (1964), instructor of martial arts, university professor and the coach. He is the man who fought off his destiny, the man with peaceful heart and a warrior spirit. After an intensive twenty-year spiritual quest, he formed his teaching in ´The Way of the Peaceful Warrior´, whose philosophy he fully described in his books and lectures. Step by step, he develops his work to reflect needs of the world that is permanently being changed. More than tens of his books inspired millions of readers being translated to 30 world languages. Among these books, we can also find partly fictional stories bringing us lessons of life wisdom: novels ´Way of the Peaceful Warrior´, ´Return of the Peaceful Warrior´ and ´The Journeys of Socrates´; books for children ´Secret of the Peaceful Warrior´ and ´Quest for the Crystal Castle´ as well as the number of practical spiritual guides considered by Millman to be the core of his teaching: ´Living on Purpose´, ´The Life You Were Born To Live´, ´Everyday Enlightenment´ and ´Laws of the Spirit´.

You can find more information at www.danmillman.cz